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Doing a straight upgrade, just because you want the latest shiny thing, isn’t always the best move. You need to do a bit of research first, and it really doesn’t take long.

Paying just £5 too much for your next 24-month contract means you’re throwing away £120. So do some checks..

  • Check how much data you’re really using. On Android, go to “Mobile data” in the settings. For the iPhone, head to settings, then “Cellular” and “Cellular Data Usage”.
  • Happy with your current phone? Want to go SIM-only and save a load of cash? Check if your phone is already unlocked. If it is, you can use your phone on other networks. Find this out by getting one of those 99p SIM cards from the checkout in supermarkets. Get one from a different provider, stick it into your phone. If your phone is locked, it’ll tell you – and this only cost 99p.
  • If you do need to unlock your phone remember, networks are no longer allowed to charge unlocking fees to pay monthly customers who are out of contract. They may charge a bit if you’re still in contract, but check. It’s worth it. Remember, Unlocking is totally legal.

Finishing with your current network and moving away

Tell your network that you want to cancel your contract. Ask for the PAC code so that you can move your number to your new provider.

Your network will probably try and keep you on board. Check the offer they give you. You can compare it with deals here on Total Phone Deals. Some networks may not give you a deal, and instead they’ll continue to offer you a more expensive deal and instead will tell you how much better their network is. Don’t fall for it. Stick to your guns. You’ve got a better deal. You want that better deal.

Also, if you’re looking for a better deal, don’t forget that the virtual networks are a good way of getting a better deal AND sometimes actually staying on the same masts you’ve always used before. As an example, iD Mobile use the Three network. Likewise Virgin Mobile use the EE masts.